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Club History

Thrapston Bowls Club celebrated its centenary in 2008. For well over a hundred years the club has been an active and popular social and sporting amenity within the town. We are currently gathering photos and records of the club to incorporate within this website page. If you would like to contribute, we would welcome your stories and photos. Thank you.

The club was founded in 1908 at a time when working hours had been regulated to give people more leisure time. Bowls, along with other sports, became more popular and a more common sight in many communities.
Thrapston Bowls Club green was originally located in Chancery Lane in the vicinity of the present medical surgeries. Relocation to Market Road occurred in the late 1930's with the green sited where the car park is presently situated. The green shed there served as the original clubhouse.

Almost 30 years later (in 1959) land was donated by local company, Smith and Grace, to provide space for a new green in the present location. Smith and Grace was one of the biggest local employers and this generous gesture was much in line with the attitude of employers in various areas who were keen to provide sports facilities for their workforce and community. This land was given, in trust, with the condition that it be used for communal sport.  A different timber "shed", bought second hand, served as a clubhouse. 

The present clubhouse grew in stages during the early 1960's as the membership increased. Over recent years the building has been upgraded to offer better facilities for members and visitors. A warm and competitive welcome has been a consistent element in our history.